Besides the Quality Management System applied in our company, we have been evaluating the environmental risks, that may effect our employees and ambience negatively, to take the necessary precautionary measures and, as an indication of our thangsgiving to the nature that we consider the source of all existing materials, it is accordingly our duty to minimize the negative environmental effects of the activities that we led in Production and Office ambience. We are aware that achievement of this duty requires the participation of all our employees, taking of necessary both individual and institutional precautionary measures, following of current and new technologies protecting naturel life and making continous improvement in terms of preventing environemental pollution.
We hereby would like to assure that;
• Protection of naturel resources, using of raw material and energy with the the minimum loss and environmental damage and recycling of recycable materials,
• Following and application of local environmental regulations,
• Keeping of applied environmental applications explicit to public opinion,
• Continous training of our employees about environemental applications and increasing their sensibility towrads environmental matters,
• Managing our suppliers to work according to environmental rules and applications set forth by our company and increasing their sensibility in that terms will be our management’s main enviroenmental policy.

Managing Director